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Steps To Setting Up Your Microboard

  1. Consult an attorney to determine the type of corporation (LLC, S Corp, C Corp, etc.) to meet the needs of the microboard.
  2. Identify potential board members for microboard (friends, family, people who know individual from school, work, medical, neighbors, church, etc.):
    1. Meet informally with potential candidates and discuss your vision, goals, etc.
    2. From this group, identify 3-9 members (this can include family members)
    3. Members can be changed at any time with notification to SCC
  3. Choose a name for microboard (insure it’s not already used by checking SCC website – click here => Virginia State Corporation Commission)
  4. Create bylaws (template on RESOURCE section should be used only as a guide)
  5. Create Articles of Incorporation (template on RESOURCE section should be used only as a guide)
  6. File State Corporation Commission (SCC) application – available on line (see link above)
  7. Familiarize yourself with responsibilities:
    1. Initial application fee $75
    2. Annual renewal fee $25
    3. Frequency of meetings (minimum requirement is an annual meeting with minutes)
    4. Legal (not necessary for initial set up, unless microboard pursues guardianship or home ownership)
    5. Bookkeeping (mainly associated with home ownership)
    6. Taxes or other IRS filing (mainly associated with home ownership)
    7. Budget (again, depends on function of microboard, activities, etc.)
  8. The microboard is a Circle of Support for the focus person, so the board of directors should meet as frequently as necessary to insure the needs of the individual are met. Insure that the directors are familiar with the person they are helping support, and the services that are available. Minutes should be kept of all meetings.
  9. Be creative! A microboard is a Virginia business and as such can operate (with any necessary licensing) in any type of endeavor. What can this microboard do for your loved one?