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Have you ever wondered…

  • What is a microboard?
  • What is the difference between Authorized Representative, Power of Attorney, Representative Payee, Guardian, and microboard?
  • Can a microboard be for more than one person?
  • Can parents be board members on their child’s microboard?
  • Can a person serve as a board member on more than one microboard?
  • Is level of disability a consideration when forming a Microboard?
  • Can a person have a guardian and a microboard?
  • What is the relationship between microboards and guardianship? Can one replace the other?
  • Can a microboard be the legal guardian for an individual with disabilities?
  • Can a microboard be a service provider?
  • Can a microboard own a home for the person with a disability?
  • Can a person with disabilities own a home without having a microboard?
  • Does a microboard have strict guidelines or is it designed on an individual basis?
  • How expensive is it to become incorporated as a microboard?
  • How is the microboard funded?
  • What fees are incurred to have a microboard? Who pays these fees?
  • Can a person with a disability have a circle of support without having a microboard in place?
  • Is there a lot of paperwork to do?
  • Is a microboard a 501(c)(3) organization?
  • Can a microboard be dissolved if it dosen’t work as planned?
  • Is there a support network between all microboards?
  • Does the Virginia Microboard Association help families who are trying to navigate the process of establishing microboards or does it work only with those already having microboards?
  • Does the Virginia Microboard Association have a contact list of people to consult while setting up a microboard?
  • What services, assistance, and support can the Virginia Microboard Association provide to established microboards?
  • Can the Virginia Microboard Association provide examples of documents like Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, leases, etc… for others to use?

The list is endless. We will help you regardless if you are a member of the Virginia Microboard Association or not. Just call us. Also, you can be a part of the VMA and help us build this state-wide organization to be available to all individuals with disabilities and their families in Virginia. We can achieve this by networking through this website and quarterly meetings. If you cannot attend in person, the VMA always has conference calls and video conferencing capabilities. We hope to host workshops often and host training sessions pertaining to microboard concepts. For questions and more information please call us. Also, become a member. It’s only $20 a year, and that covers our newsletter, stamps, paper, and other printed materials that we send to you.