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Juanita Coleman
Board Member

Reverend, Commander, United States Navy Nurse Corp, Retired, Registered Nurse, Human Rights Ethicist Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Mental Health consultant, Virginia Partners in Policy-making (year 2000) graduate, Family-to-Family Navigator, Virginia, Parent Advocate. Achieved Bachelors Degree City College New York 1976 Nursing; Masters Arts Degree New York University, Nursing Administration and Minor Teaching; Masters Divinity, Virginia Union University School of Theology 1990, Masters Arts Degree University of Virginia 1995 Clinical Ethics and, Pastoral Counseling, Walter Reed Army Hospital 1994, Disability Law Internship William& Mary College 2013.

Parent of 2 beloved children son age 46 with 5 children and daughter age 42 with 4 children and a joyful great niece age 23 who is non-vocal with autism, partial seizures, intellectual disability and sensory processing dysfunction.  My gifts and passions are teaching the intellectually disabled, family ministry, spiritual growth teaching.  I truly enjoy teaching spiritual leaders and congregations on special needs inclusion, parents special education law, natural healing, and military family transitional processes and lifelong learning for the disabled.

My great niece has had a Microboard since 2012 called SRV Enterprise in Richmond, Virginia.  She resides in her own home striving to maximizing her independence and community-based services.