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Important Legal Considerations

The  Virginia Microboard Association is not an attorney, or public accountant or financial advisor.  We do not offer legal advice, accountant advice, or investment advice. The steps to forming and operating a microboard are always customized to accommodate the needs of the specific individual for whom the effort is being made. The choices made and actions taken that are shared via the individual stories and facts on this site are intended as general illustrations of the kinds of ways to use a microboard, but are very case-specific. A tiny difference from one family or special needs individual to another can result in substantially different legal and economic choices, even when they both may have similar ultimate objectives. Copying someone else’s microboard form or function, without informed comprehension of what and why, can result in great distress and financial discomfort. We urge anyone contemplating the creation and operation of a microboard to seek the advice of an attorney licensed in the state where the microboard will be formed, plus the assistance and advice of a certified public accountant and a financial advisor.