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Our plan was to continue to care for our daughter for as long as we were able. Then medical issues brought us to the realization that this was neither a realistic nor a good long range plan. For our peace of mind, Kim needed to be in a place she could call “home” while we, as parents and guardians, were still able to help with the transition and able to still be part of her life.

Kim already had her microboard in place, which was serving successfully as a Circle of Support. The members of the board were either family members or friends who had known her most of her life. They were instrumental in making decisions and creatively coming up with the home-ownership option.

Home ownership was a new venture (as is buying a home for anyone!). The outcome, however, made it all worthwhile. She’s been in her OWN home now for nearly eight years, has had the same agency providing services and the same Sponsor living with her. By separating housing from services, an individual can now have their own home for the rest of their life and can then chose the agency that best meets their needs for other services. This is “choice”! This model also insures stability, because she won’t ever have to move and she won’t have the trauma of rotating house mates. With proper matching and management, stability of staff is also insured.

Life is better for everyone. Kim lives independently in her community. She’s happy, safe and healthy. We, as parents, know that she can live there the duration of her life. We, as guardians, also know we have options as to who lives with her and what services she gets.

– Terry & Linda